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Question by kuya: i can’t see any messages being displayed in the main chat application window. is my id locked? ?
i tried using other id’s, its good. but using one particular id shows nothing at all in the main chat window..what should i do?

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Answer by Jack’s Q&*
Messenger “9” 1st version was in Beta (testing) form. The newest version is not, But it’s not working well either. Stick to 8.1 until they work out the Bugs. Including people using 8.1 trying to message ones with 9 or reverse they are having compatibility problems like text not showing,pictures not showing. It shuts down on Vista users , not allowing them to log in.Web cams do not always work. Many things do not work or are missing that YM 8.1 had. In fact 9 for Vista is so bad Yahoo gave up on trying to fix it.…

Download 8.1 here;
Yahoo 8.1:…..
Use this method: Start,My PC, C drive, open Program files.Next open Yahoo file then Messenger file.Click on UNWISE to Un install messenger 9 completely. Do not just delete yahoo or messenger file as this can cause problems with other Yahoo programs.
Another big problem!
Flash player 10 Does have conflicts,and 9’s latest update Can have conflicts with Yahoo(very rarely, if your using it with no problems keep it) and is causing some Yahoo services to not load.use the link below for a download of Flash player # should work as it’s older then last update. You have to remove the present flash player,add/remove programs in control panel, then download the older version.….
More help can be found here;…

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