Windows 8.1 – It still sucks.

Windows 8.1 has some nice features, but it fails to function properly so all the tablet functions no longer work on desktop, and there is nothing that great …
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Question by Barry C: Why can’t I use my webcam thru Yahoo Messenger on Windows Vista? What can I do now?
I have a webcam on my desktop that is running Windows XP, but my new laptop has a webcam and it is running Windows Vista. It looks like the webcam won’t work on my laptop. What can I do now? Thanks.

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Answer by Pernicious1
Yahoo Messenger Vista does not have the web cam feature right now – IK it really bites, but Yahoo says they are working on adding this feature. I’m not holding my breath. I dumped Yahoo Vista and went back to 8.1 Problem solved.

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  1. ‘Windows” is not Windows any more it should be called “Ballmer’s Balls”…..

  2. Ballmer used too much crack….

  3. Last words made me laugh “Screw u microsoft”

  4. I know what you mean. If you say something bad about Windows 8 or even merely suggest on how it could be improved, it’s as if you’ve said something bad about THEM. You’ve offended them so they have to come back and tell you that you’re stupid. Or that you’re old and you’re living in the past. Or you don’t like change.Or you’re talking smack about something you’ve never used.I know I’ve missed a few. It’s as if the OS is a celebrity. If he makes bad decisions, the fans will defend bad decisions.

  5. It’s bad, just bad. What’s worse are the people that like win 8. If you say you don’t like win8, they say you just don’t understand it. If you bring up a valid point, like the fact that it’s made for mobile devices, they say you just hate new tech. New doesn’t mean “better”. It’s just a bad design for the PC. If you like it, that’s just great, enjoy your new OS. Why would they go around defending win8 if they like it sooo much? I think deep down they know Microsoft fudged it with this one.

  6. I want a wall with many WINDOWS and not a wall without windows. Does not change the team that is winning.

  7. Dude you are such a moron, you completely ignored what I just said and you seem to have NO IDEA how a computer works, everything running in the background will slow the computer down, even start8.

    And you can’t tell if some files have a virus, I don’t care what avast says, most virus scanners can’t pick up .jar files and I believe that includes avast, and .jar files are very common and can be launched by an .exe

  8. if you don’t want to pay for it there are programs like classic shell that are free and they maybe slow down your pc a little but it won’t be a problem when i installed start8 (the 30 day trial) i had Avast! antivirus it didn’t detect anything

  9. and i agree its made for touch pcs, and tablets… and the reason they made it is that in our near future everything will work on touch (even now there is a lot of touch all in one pcs, laptops, even tablet-laptops… and microsoft will be ready for it unlike apple… thats my opinion

  10. but keep in mind that this is not final version of windows 8.1 (blue)… ofcourse its laggy its not finished yet… i like win 8 and i lake metro thing because my old win7 desktop was full of apps and programs i often use. but now its clean (few stuff here and there) because my shorcuts are in metro start screen. and you can find anything by typing in start screen… i get it.. its big change from w7 to w8 and i understand that some people cant accept it …

  11. Windows 8.1 is a bit better looking than Win8 because you can put the desktop background on metro, but I don’t even own a copy of Win8 since this is just a trial.

    I’m sure things will be fixed in the final patch though. It’s really annoying using metro as the apps there don’t even work.

  12. For tablets, not phones, I like some bits of Win 8.1 like the lock screen, and how all the bad looking stuff (apart from metro,charms) has improved, the start BUTTON is much better looking, also BSOD which I’ve encountered is now a sad face, the windows logo on boot is not pixelated anymore, and shutdown isn’t pixelated.

  13. It does slow down my computer because it’s running in the background you idiot, and launches on boot, You do realise with most viruses you can’t even tell they’re viruses? You can’t detect viruses in many files with all the big scanner names. And you’re telling me to BUY start8? Sorry I shouldn’t have to pay extra for something that should’ve been there in the first place, complete fool.

  14. Windows 8 is for tablets and phones.
    The fact they have it on laptops is such an immense mistake, it boggles the mind.
    The fact they haven’t corrected this mistake till now and made the whole metro interface a minor app one can use for fun sometimes (cause that’s all it is) is pure fascism brought on by billions of dollars in the bank.

  15. buy start8 it doesn’t contain viruses and it doesn’t slow your computer

  16. I upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8 Pro then try’ed to upgraded to Windows 8.1 I found it buggy as hell. And re-installed my Windows 8 Pro again. I’m not upgrading to it when it comes out. I use Classic Shell which gives me my Start Menu back. I made my Windows 8 Pro look like I have Windows 8.1 with the start button look-alike. Anyways I like Windows 8 Pro not Windows 8.1. They made it look awful and it’s awful to use. I’m sticking with Windows 8 Pro.

  17. Yes it is Microsoft’s fault the start menu doesn’t work? I shouldn’t have to install a third party app which could contain viruses and slows my computer down.

  18. its not microsoft’s fault that you don’t know how to install a start menu if you don’t like the metro screen or doesn’t work…

  19. Honestly the only problem i ever had with Vista was the lack of system resources. Other then that it didn’t seem as bad as people made it out to believe, although i never got Vista til ’08. I already know about the start menu replacements but W7 works just fine for me and really MS could have had an option to restore the start menu. Even with 8.1 they are only returning a button so despite it being available most consumers who walk into a store seeing W8 they either pass it or complain about it.

  20. I must have missed the huge fiasco problem Vista had because i didn’t get a Vista machine til around 2008. Of course 1GB of Ram isn’t enough for it or Windows 7.

  21. All this backlash can simply be solved by putting a toggle switch in the Personalize options to enable to old start menu. I don’t understand why MS is so adamant on forcing users to use their new UI. I understand where there going with this…trying to integrate tablets and notebooks. Its a really nice idea but they should not force users on the desktop to use it.

  22. Vista had shit performance, poor compatibility, poor stability. Win8 is really fast, stable and has superb compatibility. 99% Win7 applications and drivers work on Win8 right out of the box. The only issue most people have is with the UI. I know the UI is not suited for PCs, but I understand where they were going with this. They wanted to integrate a notebook and a tablet with Surface pro. If you don’t like the UI, just install the Classic shell and use it like Win7. The OS is fast and stable.

  23. This is a preview. Which is why things have stopped working.

  24. I seem to like Windows 8 ONCE I install Start8 (being tweaked to my liking), and remove ALL desktop file associations with metro-style apps. I then get a faster desktop OS with a non-areo theme (I thought it was too much eye candy AND resource waster) and things such as better task manager, with the ability to press Ctrl+Start to bring me to the world of Metro apps. (I actually ended up starting to like using them alongside the desktop, as long as the two sides didn’t interact with each other.

  25. Are you joking when you say Windows 8.1 sucks more than windows 8 because things are broken (eg. apps, store)?? You DO REALIZE it’s a preview right?

    But still, we all know and agree that Microsoft is going a bad direction with Windows 8, and its not really going to get fixed.

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