Why Windows 8.1 still sucks

With this new release of Windows 8.1 there has been talk about the new start button. Well, it still sucks and Windows 8.1 has nothing new or good to offer. M…
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  2. I also have windows 7

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  7. And they wonder why apple is fucking them up the ass

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  9. Hey Bitch, if you hate windows 8 just try to keep your feelings to yourself moron!!
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  10. Like I said, Microsoft even SAID that data transfer is slower. And on my much newer gaming PC Windows 7 can start it 20 seconds, opposed to 45 seconds on Windows 8. Same on my brother’s computer which is far better then even my computer. Windows 8 is slower, I don’t care what bullshit you throw at me, I will argue until your stupid ass finally figures it out.

  11. Ah, yes. The Tablet-first Desktop-later OS now comes with a new coat of paint. Shame they couldn’t bring back the less-intrusive Start Menu ans disable charms altogether.

    All that so-called speed is worthless when the OS is crappy.

  12. Did I just seriously read you say windows 8 is slower? Is that a joke? why is my start up time 30 seconds as apposed to 1:20 with 7? I don’t have the newest computer, and upgrading to 8 has made it unbelievably faster in every aspect of computing that I partake in. You sir, are a moron.

  13. Yeah windows 8 rocks. Who cares about the start button, move on you wont win. Just be happy its faster and safer and runs anything you ever wanted to.

  14. update speeds?

    windows 8 boots in like 7 seconds on my laptop which is kinda nice was almost double that for win8. I get data transfer off my ssd onto my usb stick at 30MB’s which is about the same as I got before I installed win8. Win 8 seems to use slightly more disk space but way less processing power/memory and it boots faster. All in all I like it, layout is a bit foreign but I liked XP more then Vista and now I hate working on XP machines. Just takes time.

  15. what makes it slower? It uses so much less computer resources as it is designed to be used on tablets etc. with weaker processors. Everything I have tested has run faster in win8.

  16. Also to get to my computer click on the thing beside your start button that looks like a folder, then click on the computer tab. If you meant how to get to your control panel you can easily put a link to the control panel on your desktop etc. But like I said in previous post i basically just search for everything.

  17. Windows 8 > windows 7. Don’t get me wrong I get lost, and it needs some changes, a traditional start button would have been nice but realistically I rarely use it since indexing came in vista and searches became instant. Just click your windows button and type what you want. In 8.1 the search feature seems to work better to me, not sure exactly what they changed except that it defaults to “search everything” Its a lot faster, this is why its better 🙂

  18. First they destroyed KDE with Plasma and KDE 4, then they came for Gnome with Gnome 3 and Gnome Shell then they came for Windows with Metro and Windows 8 i’m scared what they will do when they come for Mac OS X.

  19. Dat is not good w8.1 version. I have it, and dat one is showing the special menu AND the normal start like in w7. Wanna see

  20. Where did u get dat program to show w8?

  21. Microsoft dug a hole for themselves when they made this O.S windows 7 is still the best! i’m a I.T pro.

  22. I honestly prefer it over 7

  23. Microsoft even said that data transfer on Windows 8 is slower, because it scans for malware while it does it. And we all know how successful Microsofts anti virus was in the past *sarcasm*. Windows 8 is just slower, admit it. I will argue ever time, because you need to be educated, you dont know what you are talking about.

  24. No, the whole process from installing OS, updating, installing applications, and finally moving data from storage to primary drive on second partition. Windows 7 first batch of updates took me 1 1/2 hours, second batch with sp1 1 hour and 20 minutes, 10 applications from visual studio to adobe creative suit 50 minutes, than a third batch of updates 30 minutes, and finally 90gb worth of data 35minutes. With 8 i was able to install applications same time without bringing system to a halt. 

  25. Do you have more programs on Windows 7, then you do on Windows 8? I dont believe it takes 5 hours to copy 90gb, know why? I copied 110gb worth of movies to my HDD and it took 45 minutes on Windows 7. You can miss all the metro apps you want, but from what I’ve seen, 99% of them dont work, and theres a whopping 80,000 on that tiny ass Windows market right now. You also said earlier that the update speeds are both slow, and now saying that why you are tired of Windows 7. You are full of shit dude.

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