What is Wrong with Windows 8

What is wrong with Windows 8? Why do people not like it on their desktops and laptops? Why is windows 8 not big? Why is it not ready for tablets? ———–…


  1. yes you can use a bluetooth keyboard and i guess your waicon tablet. Sure it makes a nice and portable PC. but that completely ruins the point of it being a tablet

  2. I will use a Waicom Cintiq 13 HD with a Bluetooth keyboard. or I can use my waicom Intuos4 it has a USB port you can use peripherals with this tablet. Also Adobe CC programs all work with Waicom tablets that also use touch features so this tablet wouldn’t be any different with the Edge Pro. Practicality on the other hand it all depends if you want a full PC tablet or a normal IOS or Android tablet for me I would rather have one of these can do allot more with this the tablets on the market.

  3. for a tablet it is not a slouch, but how do you plan to use use all those applications with a touch screen? sure it is possible, but not practical.

  4. No but in November I will have one and I will use all these programs on this tablet no problem its not a slouch of a device and people try and give Windows 8 tablets a bad rap with out trying them i have used my friends Edge Pro and yes its a great device.

  5. Wait, you use all those programs on this tablet?

  6. Its a full PC with 8 gigs of ram and a NVIDIA GT640 and a duo core i7 thats 4 cores with hyper threading honestly it can hold its own. Most Macbook pros dont have a graphics card and when it comes to gaming video editing and gaming the Cuda cores or Open CL are what make the advanced graphics or video editing fly by in render times. I use After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premeire Pro and 3DS Max and C4D on a daily basis. Also when it comes to gamming it plays Cryiss 3 and its a tablet.

  7. sure you might be able to RUN photoshop, but it is going to be annoying with the touch screen. I could do basic video editing, but it is going to be a pain if i want to do advanced video editing with tons of elements and effects. It can play games at playable frame rates, but playable isnt great. and that is only if you use the razer edge screen. If i plugged the razer edge into a TV or a monitor it would decrease the performance

  8. On the Razer Edge and Edge Pro can video edit and use Photoshop and run almost every game at playable frame rates.

  9. I installed windows 8_64bit, on my mac mini via Virtual Box. But I currently only have 4 gigs of RAM so I allocated 2gb of RAM to windows 8 and both my OSX and W8 were sluggish. I plan on getting more RAM up to 16gb total in my mac mini and hopefully if I allocate more RAM to to W8 and OSX, say 8gb each OS both OS’s will run smoothly. I want to get Parallels 8 for my mac mini instead of the free Virtual Box software. I really like windows 8 but I don’t care for the “tiles” screen. Win8.1!

  10. I liked this rant thing

  11. I kinda agree. I have Windows 8 on my desktop and I love it. I did have a Windows 8 tablet and it had a lot of problems.

  12. Well done review. This should help someone trying to make a decision as to which system to go with.

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