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Question by carmen42442: How to find the “chat” feature in Yahoo?
I have in the past used the chat feature in Yahoo, but now it seems to have disappeared…I can’t find it anymore and no one shows up on the contact list, even though I know they are signed on.

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Answer by J C
Go to the “Messenger” tab, Scroll down to Yahoo! Chat, and then, Join a room.

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  1. ma posso installarlo con daemoond tools?

  2. certo

  3. Posso installarlo anche se non ho la versione precedente?

  4. si, ma solo per chi ce l’ha originale.

  5. io sapevo che per chi aveva windows 8 poteva fare l’aggiornamento gratis direttamente dal computer

  6. Let me guess you have the new 9.0 messenger ?? Do yourself a favor and get rid of it , it is still very buggy!!!

    Uninstall it and go here and get the 8.1 >>

    I do recommend you get the version as it is the most stable a bug free version of messenger !!

    When you download it just save it to your desktop and then run the installer from there.

    If you have XP just double click on it to start the install.

    If you are on Vista you will need to Right click on it(the installer you just downloaded) then click “Run as Administrator” to get it to install correctly.

    Here’s how to get to chat >>
    After you get logged into yahoo messenger look up at the top of it you will see Messenger , Contacts, Actions ,Help. Click on messenger then down about half way click on Yahoo! Chat and then Join room.

    That will open a new window with all the chat room categories which will be on the left side and the room listings will be on the right side.

    Lets say you want to go to a music room? you just find Music on the left side and click on it that will make all the available music rooms show up on the right side. Then maybe you want to try one of the Rock rooms,so just click on the little + sign and that will expand and show all the rooms that are under Rock. Double click on which ever room you want to go into.

    A small window will pop up with some numbers and letters that is called the captcha screen, fill it out and hit enter. If for some reason that don’t show up just look up at the top of the chat room window and you will see a big long blue colored link, click on that and it will open a web page captcha screen for you to fill out. Fill it in hit enter or whatever it is and you will be officially in a chat room.

    If you want to change rooms just hit the Chat button at the top of the room window and repeat the selection process and join another room.

    Must be 18 or older to enter chat rooms!

    Hope this helps

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