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Question by nam anh: Physics Questions please help!!? 10. a boat can move through still water at 20.0 m/s. the boat makes a trip 3.0 km downstream and then 3.0k,m back to its starting point. the river flows at a constant speed of 5.0 m/s. the time required for the round trip is a.) 2.5 minutes b.) 3.3 minutes c.) 5.0 minutes d.) 5.3 minutes 20.) a radar transmitter sends out a signal which is reflected from the moon’s surface. the signal returns 2.8s after is it sent. what is the distance between the earth… Read Article →

Question by lumos: Why isn’t anything that has to do with windows live working? I’ve just got a new computer but with the same hard drive with all of my stuff. I had the windows live messenger 8.0 downloaded before so i started to install it but it popped a message that i have to install the later version 8.1 in order to continue signing in. I did so, and when i try to install that version it says “searching for windows live programs on your computer” then says “it’s taking longer than it has… Read Article →

Do you own windows 8 but have no clue on how to use it or what it features? Well this video will explain to you the various new features found in Windows 8 a… More Windows 8.1 Release Date Articles

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