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Concept of Windows 8.1/ Windows Blue/ Windows Blue Update// Watch and Read the Description: New on blue: + Desktop-Start-Button + Windows Phone and Windows 8… Question by Suresh P: How do I stream Live video on my website independent of any provider? I am trying to upload “live” video camera of day-care center for parents to view. However, this video should be accessible only for parents who leave their kids/children with me (restricted access). Also, I may want to charge the parents for this view on a monthly basis that can be paid on the… Read Article →

New UI – 00:32 Lock screen + Ringer – 1:02 Internet – 1:50 Defaults – 4:06 Volume – 4:57 Quick Settings – 5:58 Multitasking + App Switching – 8:04 Notificati… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Question by FullNinja Alchemist: How can one teach themselves how to make video games? I’ve seen videos of game designers all saying that the best way to get into the video game designing industry is to just sit down and start making your own video games but I don’t really understand how exactly to make games. I know nothing about… Read Article →

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